About Our Center

The Language & Arts Program began with the offering of our Mandarin Chinese language program, which was developed by Mr. Tang, Guimin. Mr. Tang holds a Masters degree in linguistics and applied linguistics from Guangdong University and a Masters in Education from Portland State University, where he is currently completing his Ph.D. work.

Mr. Tang was joined on our by another Chinese language instructor, Ms. Zheng, Lijing, who also serves as the lead teacher in our After School Programs.

Recently, Mr. Bi, Hai joined the Language & Arts Center staff as a Guzheng instructor, which gave us the opportunity to begin to expand our course offerings into the realm of music and the arts.

Additional instructors are currently being interviewed for positions as visiting staff, which will enable us to provide instruction in calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting.

Another aspect of traditional Chinese culture emphasized at the Qian Kun Institute is the study of wushu, tai chi and qi gong. All courses related to martial arts are offered through the U.S. Wushu Center, Inc.

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